Athlete Participation TSA Medical Commission

Athlete Participation TSA Medical Commission

Referral to TSA Medical Commission

The tragic incidents at the 70.3 event in East London has prompted the Excom to debate a range of safety issues relating to athlete participation, particularly participation in long distance events.

The Excom has resolved to refer a proposal to the TSA Medical Commission (under the chairmanship of Dr Demitri Constantinou), in terms of which each athlete participating in a long distance event (longer than a standard distance race) can only enter such event if the athlete can submit proof of successfully finishing a standard distance event (= qualifying race), within a 4 month period prior to entry.

The Commission is at liberty to advise TSA on more stringent or relaxed conditions in the interest of safety within our sport (e.g. within a certain cut-off time, more than one qualifying race, window period longer/shorter, in addition a medical certificate, applicable to other distances etc.).

The Commission will receive and consider comments and suggestions from all interested parties (administrators, event organiser, coaches, athletes). Such comments and suggestions must be directed to the TSA Office before 12 April 2013  Comments and suggestion should preferably not exceed 3 500 words.

Kindly note that comments and suggestions must relate to safety aspects and not the logistical aspects of implementation.