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Urgent 6th November 2016 Trinity Event is the CGT Triathlon Team Selection for 2017 SA Tri Championships.

TSA have yet to provide a date for the SA Tri Champs 2017 but TSA have now mentioned that there is a possibility that the SA Championships may take place at the beginning of February 2017.

This although not confirmed by TSA puts CGT in real spot of bother as we have time constraints with regard to the selection of our teams, the time required to order and manufacture kit and finalise the payments for kit / event.

As such we have no choice but to do the following in respect of our CGT Triathlon Championships and the selection of the CGT Provincial Triathlon Team,

  1. The Trinity Event on the 6 November 2016 will be used as the main selection event for the 2017 CGT Triathlon Provincial Team.
  2. The Trinity Event 15th January 2017 will be used as a team confirmation event to enable selectors to confirm the selections made (and as another selection event if the SA Champs are not taking place in Feb 2017).  It will also be our 2016/2017 CGT Provincial Triathlon Championships.
  3. Athletes wanting to be eligible for selection will have to compete in both events as detailed above
  4. Athletes are also advised to do the TTA Triathlon Champs on the 27th November 2016 as a back-up / training event – Details – Click here.,
    1. CGT Athletes need to be Full Members with a TSA number ending in /17 (e.g. CGT/…../17).  Recreational members will not be eligible for selection.
    2. Register now before entering the event. See attached information of how to register with CGT / TSA.
    3. Athletes will not be eligible for selection to the CGT Triathlon Team if they are not registered as full CGT Members before entering the event.
    4. The CGT Trinity Events detailed above are the selection event for our Central Gauteng Triathlon team BUT IS ALSO OPEN to all non-registered athletes as detailed in the race descriptions below.
    5. Event Info and Entry – Click Here
    6. RACE CATEGORIES                            

KIDS fun EVENT –     8 – 11

JUNIORS –           12-13   /   14-15   /   16-17   /   18-19

SENIORS –           20-24   /   25-29   /   30-34   /   35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 … etc., in 5 year Age Groups up to whatever Age.



Central Gauteng Triathlon Committee