Ref Info

Below is a list of our Referees.  Should you be interested in becoming a Referee or be willing to assist with Marshalling at Events then you are asked to send us an email at or alternatively should you require some additional information on Referee requirements and what is involved, then in that event you can contact Cliff Sanders on and also copy  For additional information click here

TSA              ITU

TSA L3 ITU L2 CGT/3907/13 Plumbly Neil
TSA L3 ITU L2 CGT/3904/13 Berg Michael
TSA L2 ITU L2 CGT/3909/13 Sanders Clifton Lawrence   Patrick
TSA L1 CGT/3910/13 Sanders Sonette
TSA L1 CGT/3912/13 Sanders Lawrence
TSA L1 CGT/3917/13 Pretorius Pierre
TSA L1 CGT/3905/13 Marcisz Derick
TSA L1 CGT/3906/13 Berg Alvina
TSA L1 CGT/3911/13 Sanders Claude
TSA awaiting   L1 Exam CGT/3913/13 Sanders Sandi