How to Register


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  • the age of the athlete will be determined as on 31 December of the year in which the season ends – for 2012/2013 the valid age would therefore be age as on 31 December 2013.
  •  Juniors 11 years and younger as at 31 December 2013, can register with CGT for free on the TSA Website.
  • Seniors and Juniors 12 and older as at 31 December 2013 who Register with CGT are eligible for selection for CGT Provincial Teams based on their performance at our Central Gauteng Triathlon and Duathlon Championship Events.
  • For those registering with our Province, Central Gauteng Triathlon (CGT), our fees up are  R400 for Seniors and R300 for Juniors over 12 @31 December 2013.

If one takes the Day Licence for Seniors at R100 per event for Un-Registered Members, beside the points made under “why Should I register”, it is well worth your while to register as an athlete on the TSA website.   The day licence cost over the season will far exceed your registration fee and in addition as a TSA registered athlete with Central Gauteng Triathlon, you are eligible for selection to the CGT Provincial Teams (12 years and up), from the results of our Triathlon and Duathlon Championship Races.

 Don’t delay, register now.

All Athletes are advised to Register now and amongst other things, avoid having to pay Day Licences for events in this season.  When registering you will see that we have updated with the list of Clubs so that you can select your respective Club.  If a Club is not listed, then you need to contact our office.

The self-Registration system on the TSA Website allows for Registration fees for Registration with CGT (Central Gauteng Triathlon) to be paid by way of Credit Card which results in the immediate issue of your Registration / Membership number via email.

If you can only pay via EFT or bank deposit, then you still need to Register online, go all the way to where you would put in the credit card details and then exit by closing site.  You need to ensure that you receive a “Pending” email stating that your Registration is awaiting payment.  You then make payment to CGT using the Reference and Bank Details below.  Be warned that registration by this method could take up to 7 – 10 working days after receipt of your confirmation of payment.

When making a payment via EFT or Bank Deposit use ref as – “CGT – your nameRegistration”

 The proof of payment whether emailed or faxed must also have as the header the same reference as above.

Send your proof of payment to Fax Number 086 663 2667 or email to

  •  Banking Details
  • Account Name -          Triathlon Central Gauteng
  • Bank                -           Nedbank Fox Street Branch
  • Branch Code   -           190805
  • Account No.     -           190 868 7290

Please note: No Payment Confirmation, No Registration.

NO Registration will be done without your information being Registered on the TSA Website – You need to make sure your details are online and Pending payment before you make payment to CGT.

Special Notes on TSA Registrations for 2012/2013 Triathlon Season


There will be no refunds by Liquidbox if an athlete:

  • moves his registration from one Province to another during the season
  • registers with the incorrect Province

Change of Province

If an athlete requests a change of Province from the CGT Province, they must submit a letter to the CGT Office for approval.  Once this approval and current cancelation of an athlete’s membership with the CGT Province has been undertaken, the athlete can only then register with another Province. TSA/provincial membership fee already paid will not be refunded by Liquidbox – refund may be done at the discretion of the Province – by the Province less Admin Fees and Costs incurred.

Personal information update

All Athletes are reminded that it is their responsibility to keep their information updated on the website and to notify the Provincial Office of any changes.  In this regard it is possible for athletes to update their own contact details on the database when they login on the TSA website.