What is Duathlon

Duathlon is a sport comprising of 3 legs of activity, firstly a run leg then a cycle leg and lastly a run leg which are all done consecutively as one event.

Athletes compete in the various distances for the various age groups as shown below however in non selection / fun events, if allowed by the race organiser, the athletes can compete in the shorter events subject to the minimum age relative to an event.  Likewise Teams of 2 or 3 athletes can also compete in these event in terms of the above.

Provincial Teams are selected from fully registered members (not Recreational) competing at Provincial selection events in the ages 12 up to compete at National TSA Championships.  It should be noted that only athletes age 20+ are selected in the Standard distance i.e. Junior athletes age 19 must compete in the Sprint distance 18-19 to be eligible for selection.  Other junior categories Age 12+  are selected per the table below.

The Duathlon / Triathlon season runs from 1 September to 31 August and the age of an athlete is taken as of the 31st December in the year the season ends.  This being said all athletes are encouraged to register early and support your Province and TSA besides the benefits that go with registering now for the entire season. For details on how to register click here.  Athletes under 12 can register for free.

The cost is negligible and it is well worth registering now if one considers the cost of day licences payable by non registered athletes for each event over the year against the cost of Registration and the inconvenience of buying day licences at events and given the extremely busy race schedule.  See Events Click here.

Provincial Teams selected then compete at the Nationals Championships where Triathlon South Africa then selects Age Group teams to compete in World Age Group Championships as well as Elite / U23 Elite / Junior Sprint teams where athletes to represent South Africa at International Championships.

Distances shown below may vary on non Championship events and most of our events also have a fun event for kids younger than 8.


Selections in both male and female categories for the Provincial team to compete at the SA Duathlon Champs is made for these age groups –

JUNIORS – Super sprint Distance- 12-13 / 14-15  and Sprint Distance – 16-17 / 18-19

SENIORS – Standard / Olympic Distance

                       20-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39

                       40-44 / 45-49

                        and so on in 5 year Age Groups up to whatever Age.  Selection Criteria Click here

Category Run Cycle Run Min. Age 
8 – 9 years      (non-competitive) 1,25km run 5km cycle 1,25km run 8
10 – 11 years  (non-competitive) 1,25km run 5km cycle 1,25km run 10
12 – 13 years – Mini distance (Super Sprint) 2,5km run 10km cycle 1,25km run 12
14 – 15 years – Mini distance (Super Sprint) 2,5km run 10km cycle 1,25km run 14
16 – 17 years –   Sprint Distance 5km run 20km cycle 2,5km run 16
18 – 19 years –   Sprint Distance 5km run 20km cycle 2,5km run 18
Elite / U23 / Age   groupers – Standard Olympic Distance 10km run 40km cycle 5km run 18