Start a Club

What to do ?

Central Gauteng Triathlon are in the process of encouraging Club growth and as such there is no club affiliation fee payable by Clubs to the Provincial Body at this stage.  It is required however that your members register with CGT (Central Gauteng Triathlon) on the TSA website.

When establishing a stand-alone Triathlon Club a proper constitution needs to be drawn up with all relevant details including office bearers and the like.

An alternative for those running and cycling clubs where a number of members are also involved in Triathlon or Duathlon, is that the club follow the path of a club like Jeppe, who a created a sub section within the existing club for Triathlon, with a Triathlon sub-committee dealing with all matters pertaining to Duathlon / Triathlon within the club.

Once you have decided on the route forward then you are required to advise us of the all the details of the Club together with all the relevant information i.e. Chairman, Secretary and so on, your location and all information pertaining to your club e.g. training rides and so on, so that we can include this in our website for the benefit of any athlete in your area who wishes to join your Club.

You must also download the CGT Club Info Sheet,  complete it and send it back to the CGT office on email so that your club information can be put on the TSA Athlete registration portal and Club portal which will allow your athletes to select your club when registering with CGT / TSA.

If your Club intends making their own Club Tri-Suits, then for your information the Age Group Uniform Rules as well as those for Elite / Junior / U23 can be downloaded from this link – Click here

Your Members can register with CGT (Central Gauteng Triathlon) on the TSA Website and the Triathlon year runs from 1st September to 31st August annually. See information on the links below