Central Gauteng Triathlon (CGT)

We are planning to facilitate a number of Coaching courses in 2016 / 2017 in line with our strategy to increase coaching resources and thereby triathlon development in CGT.

By gaining your accreditation you will not only be gaining valuable knowledge and experience but we will be able to involve you to work with CGT in our programme to get more clinics and coaching done in order to build a strong platform for triathlon development within our province and also a base for development of future high performance triathletes as well.

We will be introducing you to a structured coaching framework which will enable you to continue your development as a coach and also have access to continuing education, mentorship and a mechanism to retain your accreditation through your own development.

Click here for further information and details of the various Central Gauteng Triathlon coaching courses available, which include –

    1. Community Coaches Course
    2. Level 1 TSA Coaches Course
    3. Level 2 TSA Coaches Course
  • To submit an Application to do a Course – Click Here

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