Enter now – CGT Triathlon 2014

Enter now – CGT Triathlon 2014


Caters for all Athletes whether they are Registered or not per the specific Race information.

This Event

  1. is the Central Gauteng Triathlon Championships and also incorporates the North West Triathlon Championships.
  2. is the Selection Event for the CGT Triathlon Team to participate at the South African Championships (which is also the Selection Event for World Championships) and to be eligible for Selection you have to be Registered with your Province CGT via TSA before entering the Event.
  3. will not accept late entries after the closing date.
  4. for further information
    1. web information Full details
    2. or PDF downloads
      1. CGT Triathlon 2014 – Race Schedule 9 Feb 2014 – Rev 1 – Click here
      2. CGT Triathlon 2014 – Entry and Race info R3 – Click here
      3. CGT Triathlon 2014 – Course Routes – Click here
      4. CGT Triathlon 2014 – Event Protocol+Rules+Race Protest information –Click here
      5. CGT Triathlon 2014 – Directions to venue parking – Click here
    3. Enter now but be sure to read all event information and protocols – Enter here

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