Selection Criteria

Central Gauteng Triathlon  

Provincial Team Selection Criteria

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Central Gauteng Triathlon (CGT) will select Provincial Teams to participate at the SA Triathlon, Aquathlon and Duathlon Championships.


Both male and female athletes will be selected in the following categories:


                Under 23 Elite

                Junior Age Groups – 12 – 13, 14-15, 16-17, 18-19.

                Senior Age Groups – 20-24, 25-29, and so on in 5 year categories.

  • NOTE – if an Athlete is not an existing Elite on the TSA Register and wants to compete as an elite,  then in that event his or her Elite participation will be subject to a Temporary Elite Application being submitted to the Province by the Athlete and the approval by TSA. For information on Elite athlete licencing and current TSA elite register  Click here

Selection Events:

Selection will be assessed based on the athletes performance at the CGT Provincial Triathlon, Aquathlon or Duathlon Championships or any other nominated events as designated by the selection committee.

Selection Criteria:

Athletes must be full registered members of the Central Gauteng Triathlon Province (CGT/TSA) before entering the event.  Athletes that are not registered prior to entering the event or that are registered CGT Recreational members will not be considered for inclusion in the team. 

Athletes not able to participate in the designated selection events and wishing to be considered for team selection must submit a written motivation with full details and proof of alternate race results to the selectors not less than 7 days prior to the selection event.  There is no guarantee of selection.

If the athlete, on the day of the event, is unable to compete due to injury, illness or emergency situation, and wishes to be considered for selection, a medical certificate or other suitable proof must be presented to the CGT selectors within 24 hours of the CGT championships event. The athlete must also have been officially entered to participate in the event. Likewise if an Athlete eperiences mechanical failure or illness on the Race Day then written motivation must likewise be submitted within 24 hours.

The team selection criteria as detailed below is done at the sole discretion of the CGT selection committee and the selection committee may apply a more favorable alternative selection process when selecting teams.  No correspondence will be entered into. 

Elite and U23 Elite (Draft legal events)

Athletes must hold a valid TSA Elite, U23 Elite or Continental Elite Licence.

Athletes must finish within 6% of the first placed Gauteng registered athlete’s time in each category. (For non-drafting events the percentage difference must be within 8%)

Senior Age Groups: (Non-Drafting events)

Athletes must finish within 10% of the first placed CGT athlete’s time in each age category. A maximum of eight athletes will be selected per age category.

Juniors: (Draft Legal Events)

To ensure maximum participation and development of junior athletes, two teams will be selected. Junior Elite athletes must hold a valid TSA Junior Elite licence and will be subjected to the same the team selection criteria.

Junior A team – athletes must finish within 5% of the first placed CGT athlete’s finishing time in each age category. A maximum of six athletes per age group will be selected in this team.

Junior B team – athletes must finish within 10% of the first placed CGT athlete’s finishing time in each age category. A maximum of six athletes per age group will be selected in this team.

Team Uniform:

Athletes participating as members of the CGT Team at National Championship events will be required to purchase and wear the racing kit and outerwear as determined by the province from time to time in accordance with the provisions of the TSA Constitution.

Elite athlete’s (including Elite, under 23 Elite and Junior Elite and Continental Elite) uniform rules will be determined according to TSA / ITU specifications for each respective event. 

“A Senior Elite, Under 23 Elite, Junior Elite and Continental Elite athlete may compete in the clothing, kit and colours of his/her sponsor provided the Provincial Member approved logo (emblem and wording) is clearly visible and such clothing, kit and colours has been prior approved by the Provincial Member. Transgression hereof will result in automatic disqualification at the event”

Athletes failing to comply with the official uniform rules, may be excluded from future team selection.

Athlete Conduct:

Athletes will be required to conduct themselves in a professional and sportsmen like manner at all times and comply with the CGT/ TSA / ITU rules.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in athletes being subjected to disciplinary measures as set out in the CGT constitution.

TSA Selection Criteria

To view the the selection criteria for TSA for Athletes being selected for World Age Group Championship Teams and Elite participation – Click here