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2016-07-31-sport-clinic-dev-community-coaching-clinic-westdene-30-31_00020Westdene Event (Emmarentia)

The event hosted by the Westdene group proved to be a resounding success and was planned and hosted in an exceptional manner. The event was closed to the Triathlon Club of the groups involved and was not advertised or open to the public. All aspects of the race from Risk Assessment, Safety, Marshalling, medical and cover was in place albeit that this was not a race open to the public. The potential within these communities is great and we will continue to work with and maintain the momentum with ongoing support. A huge thank you must go to Franz Studer for his time effort and sacrifice in hosting these trainings for CGT. The group from Soweto/ Alex/ Orange Farm are still to host their event which we look forward to.


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img_0513Westdene Community Coaching

Franz Studer and Bobby Hamman hosted a Community Coaching programme 30-31 July 2016 which was well attended by a very passionate and accomplished group who have a tremendous amount to offer. A Triathlon demo event was planned as a project for them to apply the skills earnt which we have already seen has turned out to be an exceptionally well organized and hosted event.









Diepsloot Community Coaching

On the 25 Sep 2016 a well attended Community Coaching Programme was hosted in Diepsloot by Franz Studer and Bobby Hamman. Thanks to Thomas Taole for bringing in a number of young aspiring coaches and members from Afrika Tikkun. They have been given a demo triathlon as a project in order to apply the skills learnt. We look forward to this group hosting a successful event soon.