Competition Rules

ITU Competition Rules

Athletes are advised to familiarize themselves with the ITU rules

To view the 2016 rules – Click here

Please also insure that you check the ITU website for updates and the latest downloads – Click here

Drug Free Sport

All Athletes are reminded that they are required to comply with Drug Free Sport and are required to ensure that they are compliant with any Medication or supplement they are using.

If an athlete is on a medication and they are not sure if it is legal then they should contact Drug Free Sport directly or check the WADA list on their website –  Click Here

Athletes are also reminded that they must apply for Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if they are using a prohibited substance for legitimate, medically justified reasons to avoid any embarrassment for the athlete or TSA.   Any athlete with a documented, legitimate medical condition may apply for TUE.  Athletes must make an application to Drug Free Sport timeously well in advance of an event that they will be competing in.

Drug Free Sport will be conducting tests on a regular basis at TSA events.  All information is available on